Riding Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if my status changes from "Beginner Private Lessons" to "Group Lessons" within the block?

A. Your lesson rate will be adjusted accordingly.

Q. What if my student falls and breaks an arm in gym class and can't ride for 6 weeks?

A. You will not be charged for lessons missed for bona fide reasons. Your lesson day and time will be reserved and your invoices will be adjusted accordingly.

Q. What if I buy and/or lease a horse in the middle of my block?

A. Your hourly lesson rate will reflect the change at the time of purchase/lease.

Q. If I don't pay, do I lose my lesson time slot?

A. There is no guarantee for lesson time/day slots on accounts that are not paid prior to the student's first lesson.

Q. How do I complete make-ups?

A. The lesson schedule is nearly full. Therefore, scheduling make-ups can be difficult so an extra week has been built into each block for such circumstances. Please make every attempt to attend your regularly scheduled lesson. If a make-up lesson becomes necessary, please contact your instructor as soon as possible. Refunds will not be given for missed lessons.

Q. Can I skip a block and still keep my lesson slot?

A. With the exception of emergency situations, availability will depend on student enrollment. If you skip a block, there is a possibility that your time/day will no longer be available.

Q. What if my lesson is cancelled due to inclement weather or instructor unavailability?

A. All lessons cancelled by South Run Riding School will be made up within the block or during make-up week.

Q. What are the blocks such odd time frames?

A. Show schedules, spring break, summer scheduling, back-to-school, Christmas Break and vacation time are all take into account when planning the lesson schedule. Historically, attendance has been light during the "weeks off".

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